About us

Uzars is a company with values, but the core value that makes all the others – is our team and the people who work here and love working here.


Uzars is a company with a story – it is not only a legend worthy of a movie plot about a message in a bottle accidentally washed up on the seashore and turning out to be a turning point for a successful business, but it is also a human story that begins with words: “We all started with shovels once”. These are words that both the founder and CEO Jānis Uzars and all the leading employees can be proud of. Yes, they all dug soil and laid the pavement themselves, which today has given them invaluable experience and a deep understanding of the paving process, and in its almost 30 years of the company’s existence, Uzars has laid the foundations for a number of new paving technologies that have become common practice in the industry today.

Years of experience and the loyalty and love of work of Uzars’ professionals help not only to maintain the high quality of our paving services, but also to create new specialists. The school for young paving masters is one of Uzars’ missions that has not been written down before, but has always been at the forefront of the company’s priorities – it has produced a number of successful industry professionals who continue to carry and enhance the importance and strength of this craft.

Uzars is associated with the word “quality” in the paving industry, and no one who has ever worked with the company on smaller or larger projects can argue with that. “And we don’t mind, because we know that it is our value that makes us the right choice,” says Jānis Uzars, the company’s CEO. 70% of our customers are those who have already had experience with Uzars, so they come back again and again. This says it all – our customers know that here they will get guaranteed quality, an efficient solution and peace of mind for years to come.

When asked why Uzars exists and what drives it, employees answer simply and truthfully: because we love what we do. The feeling of standing in a muddy field at the beginning and then – on a beautiful, neatly laid pavement, this is the satisfaction that makes you love the work and look for new muddy fields to turn into beautiful pavement.


Once upon a time, at the end of the 20th century, somewhere off the coast of Denmark, surrounded by the Baltic Sea, a German man, Hein Behren, decided to play the game of fate and put his message in a glass bottle. He corked the bottle and threw it into the sea, not yet realizing that the finder would be a Latvian 1400 kilometers away on a completely different shore of the Baltic Sea and that the find would change the lives of many.

In the summer of 1990, a Latvian man was walking along the sea near Pāvilosta – this was a friend of the promising young athlete Jānis Uzars, who found the bottle, opened it and received the fateful message that would become the basis for their future friendship and the story of the birth of Uzars company.

After reading the message, a new friendship and cooperation with Heinz Behren was born – Jānis had the opportunity to work in Germany for Maschman, a company that builds gardens, landscapes and sports grounds. After a season of work in Germany, Jānis had gained experience and a love of new work, so he returned to Latvia and started laying concrete pavements. The experience gained in concrete paving technology was unique in the Latvian market at that time, as it offered high productivity and impeccable quality compared to other paving methods used at that time.

Jānis Uzars started paving in Latvia in 1993, spending the first years of his activity training workers to improve their knowledge of the new paving technology. Positive customer feedback was obvious, and the volume of work grew slowly and steadily until, in the third year of operation, the demand for Jānis Uzars’ paving work was so high that work had to be scheduled simultaneously on several sites, which was the basis for the establishment and expansion of the company. Today Uzars is one of the leading paving companies in Latvia, which continues to develop and master new technologies.